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Thinking About LLL Leadership?

Isolated Members


Isolated Members

If there is no La Leche League Group near you, and no local Leader with whom you can discuss leadership, then we refer to your situation as being “isolated.”

  • You will need to make contact with an active LLL Leader in order to have pre-application dialogue.
  • Find your nearest Group by contacting LLL where you live or using the Find a La Leche League Leader online directory.
  • If your nearest Group is too far away for you to attend meetings regularly, perhaps you can arrange to borrow books from their Group Library, or attend a few meetings so that you become familiar with how LLL meetings are organised.
  • Attend Series Meetings if at all possible, perhaps when visiting friends or family where a La Leche League Group exists. Talk to the Group Leader. Ask her any questions you may have.
  • Attend online meetings.
  • If there is no Group where you are, you can contact the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) on the LLLI website. You will be referred to a LAD representative who can help you.

Pre-application Dialogue for Isolated Members

Isolated Applicants: Leadership Preparation

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  • Although there is not a Group in your town, perhaps you can make contact with a nearby LLL Group and Leader in order to discuss your situation with her.
  • Even though you live too far away to attend Group meetings, you might be able to connect with a Leader, who can talk with you via email, phone, or video-chat. You may already know an interested supporting Leader, or we may be able to help you find one.
  • If this is not possible, your Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) representative can cover all aspects of leadership preparation with you.
  • There is a great deal that you can do on your own and with the support of a LAD representative. Your LAD representative can help you design your application to suit you, your learning preferences, and your individual circumstances.
  • Attend LLL workshops/study days/ conferences whenever possible.
  • Make use of online resources.
  • Your LAD representative can help you identify application exercises and articles which are especially relevant to isolated Applicants.

If there is no Group where you are, you can contact the La Leche League International Leader Accreditation Department. You will be referred to a LAD representative who can help you.

If you go on to become a Leader, you will be supporting mothers in areas where LLL does not currently exist.

Thank you for thinking about LLL leadership!

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