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Message from the World Conference on Women

The following message was sent to LLLI Home Office and Executive Director Lee Ann Deal would like to share it. It is from our three representatives attending the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.


We are busy from early morning to late evening, it's GREAT! Seeing thousands of women from literally every country in the world is AWESOME! The dress, the different languages - it's like being surrounded 'by the world.' We're talking breastfeeding with everyone - with anyone we even 'brush up against' in an elevator-giving out our business cards, taking theirs.

So many times women have said, "I'm so glad you're here! League helped me when I needed it" - we're working with the other WABA people, presenting talks at workshops, and participating in other workshops - (wo)manning the WABA booth.

The mime theatre group is FABULOUS! They draw people in to hear the breastfeeding message in a fun, but emotional way. Our next task, already started, is speaking with delegates to gain support for the breastfeeding wording in the document. Since we started this fax we attended a WHO-sponsored Health Colloquium, at which Hillary Clinton was the only speaker to mention support and promotion of breastfeeding; after which we were interviewed by CNN on our way out of the building to ask our purpose in attending the Conference. And then we met Donna Shalala, DHHS, who said, "Oh yes- I know LLL!" So on to bigger and even better things. We miss you all.

Marian (Tompson-Founder) Rebecca (Magalhaes, Director International Development) and Vicky (sorry, last name unknown, N. J. Leader)

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